Who Are We?

Halal Spoon is an online directory of businesses, restaurants, and caterers based in the Ottawa area and beyond, uniquely specialized in serving halal food vendors and their patrons.

The Halal Spoon Story

The thought behind Halal Spoon began when a couple of my friends and I decided to take our families and go out for dinner in the Ottawa area. As the coordination began, it was agreed that the restaurant should serve halal food . Although a wide number of options for halal restaurants exists in Ottawa, it took a lot of back and forth communication and complicated planning to realize that no simple, one-stop listing of halal restaurants exists for the Ottawa area, including the type of cuisine or the restaurant’s contact information. halal Spoon was the obvious solution to this frustrating experience, and the rest is history!

The Halal Spoon Vision

Halal Spoon aims to create a one-stop-shop for foodies in the Ottawa area and beyond looking for halal dietary options by creating a portal for vendors to advertise their businesses and showcase their halal cuisine, while simultaneously offering simple and centralized access for foodies to halal options in their city.

Be part of Halal Spoon’s growth

Halal Spoon needs your help to grow. If you are aware of halal food restaurants and vendors in your city that are not listed with Halal Spoon, have them contact us, or let us now and we will contact them to invite them to the Halal Spoon directory.

Khalil Yonis
Owner and Operator